Moldovan-Ukrainian Working Group Meeting on Organised Crime

Several employees from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, jointly with employees from the Customs Service and the Prosecutor’s Office for Combating Organised Crime and Special Cases, attended on April 3rd-4th a training session on ‘Organised Crime’ in Lyon (France).

The aim of the visit was to gather knowledge that would help integrate best practices, increase alertness and immediate response to cases of human trafficking, illegal migration, terrorism and other related crimes.

These actions would also support criminal intelligence analysis and the identification as well as the traceability of firearms.

The visit was held in the context of the implementation, by Interpol, of the Operational Assistance Moldova Initiative (OAMI) project. The event brought together participants from Moldova, Ukraine, France.

To mention that the Ministry of Internal Affairs continues to develop as many investment projects as possible in order to ensure the functionality and improve the activity of the Ministry of Interior bodies.