Moldovan Carabinieri obtained observer status within the International Association of European and Mediterranean Gendarmerie and Police Forces with military status (FIEP)

The Moldovan Carabinieri were welcomed into the Great Family of Gendarmeries and European and Mediterranean Police Forces with military status (FIEP), thus obtaining observer status within this prestigious international body.

Thus, during the Meeting of the Superior Council of Commanders and General Directors of the International Association of Gendarmerie and Police Forces with Military Status (FIEP), held between October 24-26, 2023, in the city of Madrid, Spain, of the General Inspectorate of the Carabinieri of the Republic of Moldova (GIC) was granted observer status.

The decision comes after a long period of negotiations and is the result of the appropriate assessment preceded by several evaluation missions of the institution, carried out by international experts.

Present at the event, the Deputy Commander of the General Carabinieri Inspectorate, colonel Oleg Graur, thanked the representatives of the Guardia Civil (Spain) for the cordial reception at the event.

“I express my gratitude to all development partners and counterparts from all member states for the trust given to me. We undertake to consistently continue all efforts aimed at intensifying the exchange of experience and aligning the carabinieri from the Republic of Moldova with international standards, emphasizing the importance of inter-institutional collaboration in order to promote peace and security”, said Colonel Oleg Graur in his speech.

Sharing the same security interests, the Moldovan Carabinieri thus expressed their belonging to the community and international values shared by the Association, and the status obtained within the FIEP Summit is a promising step for strategic and operational advancement at the international gendarmerie level.

The realization of the process of accession and obtaining by the Carabinieri of the Republic of Moldova the observer status within FIEP, will also allow the connection of the activity of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova to EU and international standards, as well as the achievement of national strategic objectives regarding European integration.