Moldovan-Belgian relations discussed by the Minister of Internal Affairs and the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium in the Republic of Moldova

November 14, 2023- The Minister of Internal Affairs, Adrian Efros, met, today, with His Excellency Ervet Marechal, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium in our country. The officials discussed the strengthening of Moldovan-Belgian relations, the need to boost bilateral cooperation and the opportunities to strengthen the internal affairs system.

The Minister of Internal Affairs thanked Belgium for the constant support of the internal transformation processes in the Republic of Moldova and for the opening of Belgium in our democratic course and European integration, as well as for the assistance in managing the refugee crisis: through Belgian international and national institutions, the promotion of human rights and women’s rights, security and defence, etc.

During the meeting, Adrian Efros mentioned that Belgium’s experience and mentorship would be extremely valuable in the process of approaching the EU Acquis in the field of internal affairs, especially in the field of combating organized crime.

“Despite the multiple crises, MIA has significantly focused on strengthening a planned and systemic approach to maintain the modernization agenda towards the European path, especially now, when the Republic of Moldova has received the status of a candidate country for the EU”, the Minister Adrian Efros emphasized.

During the meeting, it was also discussed the need to urgently sign the Convention on cooperation in the field of police.

The officials spoke about the ongoing reforms within the Ministry of Internal Affairs, appreciating the intensification of the Moldovan-Belgian bilateral dialogue, which is to the benefit of the citizens of both countries.