Moldovan and Romanian ministers discuss cross-border affairs

The Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova, Adrian Efros, engaged in an online discussion with his Romanian counterpart, Marian-Cătălin Predoiu.

During the meeting, Adrian Efros expressed gratitude for Romania’s continuous support in the field of home affairs and in advancing our country’s European aspirations.

Cooperation priorities discussed by the officials included efficient management of cross-border flows during the Easter holidays, extension of the operating hours of the state border crossing point “Leova-Bumbăta” and facilitating more efficient transportation routes. Another aspect of the discussions focused on extending the validity of the Agreement on coordinated control at Leuseni – Albița crossing point to enhance border control efficiency.

Additionally, the official emphasized the need for coordinated measures to streamline cross-border traffic and modernize certain border crossing points.

Within the broader framework of bilateral cooperation, particular attention was drawn to the successful implementation of projects under the RO-MD Joint Operational Programme 2014-2020 and the submission of 33 project proposals under the Interreg NEXT RO-MD 2021-2027 Programme. These initiatives underscore a deepened cooperation aimed at enhancing cross-border risk management and security.

The Ministers of Internal Affairs also discussed the ongoing development of the joint border patrol teams along the shared border of the two countries, as outlined in the Protocol signed in 2018. This initiative aims to ensure effective border surveillance and the coordinated management of resources and assets.

In conclusion, the counterparts reiterated their commitment to ongoing collaboration aimed at bolstering security and promoting effective cross-border risk management between the Republic of Moldova and Romania.