Moldova reaffirms its commitment to implementing the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regulated Migration during the Second Regional Review Meeting

The meeting on the Second Regional Review of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regulated Migration (GCM) took place on March 11, 2024, in Geneva. It focused on competencies for realizing opportunities for safe, orderly and regulated migration.

The event brought together high-level representatives of member countries of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, regional organisations and stakeholders and aimed to present progress in facilitating regular migration pathways and tackling existing challenges; promote the sharing of best practices; formulate recommendations for streamlining skills development, recognition and transfer, including anticipating demand-driven skills to bolster regular migration, thus fostering sustainable development.

Moldova was represented by Jana Costachi, State Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who co-chaired the event alongside with Elma Saiz, Spain’s representative.

In her address, Jana Costachi emphasized our country’s commitment to effective migration governance and inclusive policies, highlighting efforts to work with international partners in building a sustainable and resilient future.

“It is noteworthy that as part of the EU accession process, Moldova has embarked on an ambitious legislative reform concerning regulation of entry and stay for foreigners, their access to the labour market, and the overall framework for migration and border management”, stressed the Secretary of State.

Among the significant advancements made by the Republic of Moldova in the GCM areas were the approval of the 2022-2025 Programme for managing migration flows, asylum and integration of foreigners, the 2023-2027 National Programme to encourage returns and facilitate the (re)integration of Moldovan citizens involved in migration, as well as the digitization of public services to facilitate access to services for migrants and diaspora.

Additionally, in the context of the Second Regional Review meeting on GCM implementation, Ms. Costachi held bilateral discussions with Ugochi Daniels, IOM Deputy Director General.

During the constructive dialogue, the parties exchanged ideas and stressed the importance of cooperation efforts in managing the challenges posed by the complexity of global mobility and ensuring safe, orderly and regular migration.

GCM, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2018, stands as the first intergovernmental agreement to serves as a key tool for improving migration governance and strengthening the contribution of migrants and migration to sustainable development. By joining GCM, Member States, including Moldova, have pledged to adapt regular migration options and pathways to facilitate labour mobility and decent work, as well as to promote demand-driven skills development to improved migrants’ employability in formal labour markets.