Ministry of Internal Affairs strengthens partnership with the Council of Europe

The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) hosted a meeting with Claus Neukirch, Director of Programme Co-ordination at the Council of Europe, Falk Lange, the Head of the CoE Office in Chisinau, and Olena Lytvynenko, Policy Advisor, CoE Directorate of Programme Co-ordination.

The meeting, chaired by the Secretary of State of MIA, Daniella Misail-Nichitin, focused on the results of the implementation of the 2021-2024 Council of Europe Action Plan for the Republic of Moldova and the objectives outlined in the 2025-2030 Action Plan.

In terms of the priorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the upcoming period, the Secretary of State mentioned the implementation of the recommendations of the Lanzarote and Budapest Conventions, taking into account that MIA is coordinating the process at national level. The importance of implementing the Women, Peace and Security Agenda, the GRETA recommendations and the Istanbul Convention was also stressed. 

Additionally, the officials addressed the need to develop the leadership skills of women working in the field of public order and defense, facilitate their participation in defense-related negotiation processes and build police capacities for the prevention and investigation of financial crimes and domestic violence.

The Secretary of State gave assurances that the institution is fully committed and open to continue close cooperation with the Council of Europe. 

Mr Neukirch, in turn, expressed his support for the ambitious agenda of the ministry, geared towards the benefit of the citizens.