Ministry of Internal Affairs launches the dialog for strengthening the capacities to fight cyber crime

The international studies carried out evidence that cybercrimes are on the rise, and they affect all spheres of life. More on this, today majority of services are easily accessible for citizens due to the availability of the virtual space, but in this environment, there are also certain risks.

Just in 2022, within the context of multiple security threats in the region, informational and communication technologies were used for hybrid threats, false bomb alerts, fraud, scams that affected the stability and safety of citizens.

In this context, under the aegis of the EU Security HUB, a round table was held with the generic theme: “Challenges and threats in the field of fighting cybercrimes”.

The event was attended by the State secretary, Daniella Misail-Nichitin, the National Focal Point for EU Security HUB, Vladislav Cojuhari, the deputy head of the GPI, Lilian Carabeț, employees of the National Investigation Inspectorate of the GPI, representatives of companies in the field of IT and law enforcement authorities.

The main challenges and threats in the field of cybercrimes are a priority, as well as the necessary changes of the legal framework, in order to clarify aspects related to the preservation of computer data, which are subsequently necessary and are mandatory for strong prosecution.

The proposed amendments are also important in the process of achieving the commitments assumed by the Republic of Moldova as a candidate country for joining the EU.

In the same context, the participants discussed the importance of strengthening institutional capacities in preventing, investigating, prosecution and fighting cyber threats.

“We are counting on a constructive dialogue between all those present, in order to identify balanced solutions from the perspective of threats to the national security, but also to encourage the economic development of ICT service in order to provide a more effective joint protection of the cyber space”, stated the State Secretary.