Ministry of Internal Affairs appreciates cooperation with the European Union Partnership Mission to Moldova

On May 22, 2024, the European Union Partnership Mission to Moldova (EUPM) celebrated its first anniversary.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs highly values the collaborative partnership with EUPM, which significantly enhances our country’s crisis management capabilities and strengthens national security. The EUPM consistently demonstrates the importance of its support through the strategic advice it provides, contributing to the resilience of Moldova’s security sector in close cooperation with our authorities.

This collaboration allows the EUPM and the Ministry of Internal Affairs to synchronize their efforts, fostering sustainable transformations in both regional and European security. EUPM also plays a key role in streamlining the operations of the EU Support Centre for Internal Security and Border Management of the Republic of Moldova (Security HUB), an innovative European cooperation mechanism that addresses cross-border challenges arising from the war in Ukraine.

The EUPM’s involvement is crucial for recognizing the Republic of Moldova as a security-contributing state. It coordinates international partners’ efforts and assists in developing strategies and policies, helping to identify needs for building early threat warning, detection, and referral capabilities, and formulating appropriate responses to threats.

We are grateful to EUPM Moldova for its ongoing support and commitment to enhancing security and stability in the Republic of Moldova.