Ministry of Internal Affairs and Expertise France discuss strategic partnership and future initiatives

The leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs held a discussion with Expertise France delegation.

The meeting was chaired by the Deputy Secretary General of MIA, Vladislav Cojuhari, and on behalf of Expertise France, participants included the Regional Director of the support project, General Hervé Temporel, Project Manager in the Department for Peace, Stability, and Security, Isabelle Rivier, and the representative of the French Internal Security Service in the Republic of Moldova, Carole Lozac’h.

The officials agreed to develop and strengthen bilateral relations to support MIA’s development efforts and identified the potential technical support needs related to countering cross-border, cyber, and other forms of crime which could be covered by Expertise France.

“We intend to further strengthen our bilateral relations and continue close cooperation in implementing the reform agenda of the Republic of Moldova. MIA is committed to managing the current and future challenges related to our public order and security policy, whether internal or external, through a comprehensive, integrated, and innovative approach at all levels,” emphasized Vladislav Cojuhari.

The participants were informed that the focus of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is on enhancing a planned and systemic approach to maintain a progressive modernization agenda. To this end, the first Strategy on the development of internal affairs for the period 2022-2030 was approved in 2022, consisting of 6 sector programs: public order and security; prevention and combatting crime; integrated management of state borders; management of migration, asylum, and the integration of foreigners; prevention and control of emergency situations; building trust and security in society through training, integrity, and digitization of the internal affairs system.

In this context, the French experts were informed about the current needs and priorities of the Ministry related to:

  • Strengthening national security and European space;
  • Enhancing interinstitutional cooperation in the field of security and defense, particularly regarding national security in crisis management, including development of coordinated and secure communication capacity, rapid response capacity to improve resilience to national security threats;
  • Improving operational and response capacity in emergency and exceptional situations that influence national security measures, including the operational capabilities of carabineers and the Fulger unit;
  • Increasing resilience in the field of cybersecurity and cybercrime;
  • Familiarization with the new integrated security systems for critical infrastructures, command and control systems for the management of rescue and firefighting operations.

Expertise France is a public agency and a key player in international technical cooperation. It designs and implements projects that sustainably strengthen public policies in developing and emerging countries.