Minister Efros meets Ambassador Bakhshaliyev

The Minister of Internal Affairs Adrian Efros met today, Februarie 20, 2024, His Excellency Ulvi Vagif oglu Bakhshaliyev, the newly appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Republic of Moldova.

The two officials reviewed the status of cooperation in internal affairs, reflecting on past joint projects. His Excellency gave assurances of support and commitment to furthering cooperation between the two countries.

In this context, Minister Adrian Efros emphasized the importance of advancing the political dialogue with the Republic of Azerbaijan and the close and friendly ties between the two countries.

Regarding bilateral cooperation, discussions focused on the potential broadening of the existing legal frameworks between the Ministries of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova and the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as on the cooperation priorities in areas such as criminal investigation and migration.

In this regard, Adrian Efros noted that the ministry’s ongoing efforts in its development agenda will be broadened in the coming period and will aim to identify best practices and standards for criminal investigation.

Additionally, the officials discussed establishing a mechanism for mutual exchange of information on cross-border crime and acquainting with the security systems implemented in the Republic of Azerbaijan.