Minister Adrian Efros: ’All actions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be guided according to three principles: order, discipline and coordination’.

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Adrian Efros, presented today his priorities and commitments at the beginning of the mandate he assumed on July 17th.

During a press conference, the minister referred to the decrease of the intervention time during the occurrence of anti-social acts and accidents, the increase of the public confidence in the representatives of the internal affairs system and the further development of the necessary reforms towards the European integration of the internal affairs system.

All our actions will be guided by three principles: order, discipline, and coordination. The implementation of the principles will result in the Ministry’s employees becoming an example to be followed in society. I have zero tolerance for corruption! I will be the enemy of systemic corruption and any isolated cases! I will make sure that operations to prevent and combat crime or those similar to it will have the necessary resources to find out the truth and hold the guilty accountable’ stressed Minister of Internal Affairs Adrian Efros.

At the same time, the Minister announced a number of immediate priorities, the implementation of which will support the achievement of the outlined objectives. The resumption of “White Nights” operations, the fight against illegal night-time racing and increased patrols in rest, leisure and residential areas are measures that will have a direct impact on people’s safety.

“I am a team player and I firmly believe that the most important resource of an institution is its people, which is why I will promote employee care. In view of the results achieved by my colleagues, recognised also by external partners, I am convinced that, together, we will find and apply the right tools to be effective”, stressed the Minister of Internal Affairs.

Minister Adrian Efros reiterated that he will continue working with development partners and will mobilise his team to speed up the implementation of existing projects and identify funding opportunities for new initiatives.

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