In dialogue with partners and the community to optimise migration policies

The Commission for Coordination of Migration and Asylum Activities brought together partners and the community for dialogue to optimise and accelerate the processes and mechanism of temporary protection for displaced persons from Ukraine in the northern region of Moldova. In addition, appropriate methods have been established to fight disinformation among the beneficiaries of this mechanism.

State Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Jana Costachi, said that ‘informing refugees from Ukraine on the right to apply for temporary protection in our country is one of the main objectives of the Moldovan authorities and non-state partners’.

In this regard, Senior Operations Coordinator of the UN Refugee Agency in the Republic of Moldova (UNHCR), Blanc Bertrand, noted that granting temporary protection is a great responsibility for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and that the UNHCR remains open to analyze the difficulties and to intervene where necessary so as to ease the difficulties and to encourage beneficiaries who need to legalize their stay on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

The participants underlined the need to organize local teams responsible for the information campaign on temporary protection, involving representatives of the General Inspectorate for Migration, as coordinator, and local partners and authorities, in order to accelerate the process of information and dissemination of information to refugees from Ukraine, based on their rights to education, housing and protection.