Identification of the new aspects of cooperation between the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova and the Ministry of Justice and Security of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

During the visit to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Minister of Internal Affairs Ana Revenco had a bilateral discussion with Minister of Justice and Security Dilan Yeṣilgöz-Zegerius.

One of the topics covered referred to the strengthening of the internal affairs area and the steps that Moldova is taking in the process of accession to the European Union. In this regard, Minister Revenco invited the Kingdom of the Netherlands to become a mentoring country for the internal affairs system, so that it could be aligned more quickly and efficiently with the acquis communautaire and EU security standards. The support that the Ministry of Justice and Security can provide for the operationalisation of the Security Hub has also been discussed.

The Minister of Internal Affairs also stressed that the Republic of Moldova is a security provider at the EU’s external border and a reliable shield to prevent any form of threat and provocation in the eastern region of the European Community.

Officials stressed that the exchange of knowledge between the two countries will have a positive impact on improving the capabilities of the special forces by organising joint trainings with the similar body from the Netherlands in the areas of critical situation management and terrorist attacks.

Ministers also addressed the issues of ensuring security at border control points, identifying cooperation mechanisms for special investigative work and promoting gender equality.

At the same time, the officials discussed the need to join forces by deepening bilateral cooperation to fight and prevent security threats, both nationally and regionally. The parties also expressed their openness for intensifying the dialogue against cybercrime, which will support the commitment of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in implementing the measures proposed by the European Commission in its Opinion on Moldova’s application for EU membership.

At the end of the meeting, Minister Ana Revenco has officially invited Minister of Justice and Security, Dilan Yeṣilgöz-Zegerius, to visit the Republic of Moldova in order to strengthen cooperation between the two ministries.