GIES rescuers and firefighters have returned from the large-scale regional field exercise ‘TbiEX Georgia – 2023’

The team of rescuers and firefighters of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (GIES) returned home today, June 21st, after completing the large-scale regional field exercise ‘TbiEX Georgia – 2023’. The exercises were held between June 14th-16th, 2023, and were organised in the framework of the programme ‘Prevention, Preparedness and Response to natural and man-made disasters in Eastern Partnership countries – phase 3’ (PPRD East).

The 56 employees of the Inspectorate with 12 technical units returned by land after 4 days. They were welcomed by the GIES management and their colleagues. Head of the Inspectorate, Colonel Alexandru Oprea congratulated the team on their successes and stressed the importance of their participation at such international exercises, aimed at strengthening intervention capabilities at the European standards. Likewise, the official noted that Moldovan firefighters have managed to efficiently collaborate within interoperable modules, being compatible with other teams from the European countries, which is another step towards Moldova’s accession to the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

Moldovan rescuers and firefighters, together with their counterparts from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Italy, and Sweden, participated in various tactical situations during the exercise, practising intervention, and operational response techniques for the settlement recovery of major natural emergencies. Thus, GIES employees have tested their capabilities to fight forest fires on large areas and dry vegetation outbreaks following adverse weather conditions. The firefighters also simulated operational actions in the winding up of the flames that have damaged several vehicles, but also some warehouses around the forests affected by the massive fire. As part of the exercises, the GIES team worked with foreign teams on locating large outbreaks in the forest area, while their counterparts fought the flames from high above with the help of specialised aerial techniques.

The participation of the Moldovan rescuers and firefighters in the large-scale regional field exercise ‘TbiEX Georgia – 2023’ ensures that they are trained according to European standards in carrying out international missions, which is another step for the Republic of Moldova in joining the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.