Germany’s generous donation strengthens Moldova’s National Police for enhanced public safety

The National Police of the Republic of Moldova has received modern equipment generously donated by the German Government jointly with the GS Foundation. 

The donation ceremony took place today, January 24, 2024, and was attended by the Minister of Internal Affairs Adrian Efros, the leadership of the General Police Inspectorate, the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Moldova, Margret Uebber, and representatives of the GS Foundation. 

The donation involved 56 cars equipped with PICAR solutions and 587 computers, as well as security equipment that will be largely used for maintaining public order and safety, and was made possible through the Assistance in the fight against crime for the National Police of the Republic of Moldova Project.

“It is important to emphasize that the donation shows solidarity and trust that motivates us to continue our efforts to make changes and modernize in order to bring the Republic of Moldova closer to the European Union and the Member States. These efforts stem from our desire to bring tangible benefits to citizens and from the conviction that together we can build a better future”, stressed Minister Adrian Efros. 

The implementation of the project aims at strengthening the response capacity of police officers in the process of detecting, handling, defusing and transporting explosive devices; strengthening the analytical capacity in investigations and operations; improving efficiency by upgrading police equipment and institutional strengthening from a gender perspective. 

It should be noted that PICAR technology represents a new approach that complements the road safety efforts.