Exchange of views between the Minister of Internal Affairs and leading diplomacy and security experts

The Black Sea and Balkans Security Forum, which took place on May 18th-19th in Bucharest, is a perfect platform for synchronising security strategies at regional, European, and bilateral level.

In this regard, Minister of Internal Affairs, Ana Revenco, had several meetings with experts in the field of international diplomacy and security policies, including Director of the GLOBSEC Kyiv Office, Iuliia Osmolovska.

Officials discussed Europe’s post-war security architecture and strengthening the resilience of European states through continued collaboration and exchange of best practices.

The Minister of Internal Affairs addressed the experts on the valuable experience gained by the Republic of Moldova in managing hybrid attacks and that, given the relevance of this topic for the entire European community, a discussion platform will soon be organized in Chisinau involving experts from several countries.

The second edition of the Eastern Forum on Security and Border Management, organized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in partnership with the Romanian New Strategy Center, specialized in projects relevant to national security, such as defense, energy security, cyber security, and hybrid threats, will take place in Chisinau on June 12nd.

Conclusions and results derived from the experience of the authorities in managing the multiple crises generated by the war in Ukraine will be presented on the platform of the Chisinau Security Forum.

The first Eastern Forum on Border Security and Management took place in December 2022.