European Commissioner for Internal Affairs, Johansson visiting Chisinau

The EU Commissioner for Internal Affairs, Ylva Johansson, will pay a working visit to Chisinau tomorrow, May 12.

The high European dignitary will have meetings with the president Maia Sandu, the prime minister Natalia Gavriliță and with his counterpart on internal affairs, the minister of the interior Ana Revenco.

During the meeting with the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the operationalization of the mandate of the FRONTEX Agency and EUBAM will be discussed. Thanks to the intervention of European Commissioner Ylva Johansson, the Cooperation Agreement between the Republic of Moldova and the European Border Police and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) was signed and implemented in record time, in the middle of March this year. The conclusion of this Cooperation Agreement determined the increase of resilience in the defense of the state border, ensured by the personnel of the internal affairs system of the Republic of Moldova.

Commissioner Johansson will be informed by the MAI leadership about the security risks on the borders with Ukraine and hybrid threats, as well as those regarding cross-border crime, including in the field of arms trafficking, human trafficking, especially with children, drugs and substances subject to authorisation, including from the chemical and nuclear category.

At the same time, after the meeting, the European commissioner together with the minister of internal affairs will visit the Leușeni state border crossing point and talk with the FRONTEX officers on mission in the Republic of Moldova.

At the end of the visit to the territory, the press briefing of the two dignitaries will take place in PTF Leușeni, starting at 15:20. During this intervention, media representatives will have the opportunity to address questions to the two officials.