European agenda – a priority for the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The European agenda is a priority for the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova. On May 27, 2024, the Working Group 24 (WG 24) held a meeting to simulate the presentation of PPTs related to Chapter 24, “Justice, Freedom, and Security,” which will be presented during the bilateral screening sessions with the European Commission.

During the meeting, six PPTs were presented covering each section of the bilateral agenda for Chapter 24. The PPTs were prepared by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Intelligence and Security Service, and the General Prosecutor’s Office, with contributions from relevant government agencies. This WG 24 exercise aims to ensure maximum transparency and collective responsibility among all stakeholders.

In his opening address, Adrian Efros, the Minister of Internal Affairs, emphasized the importance of contributions from all stakeholders in the effective preparation and reporting to the European Commission. He stated, “Our inter-institutional cooperation is crucial for strengthening relations and developing a common understanding of the accession process. These simulated presentations will help identify our strengths and weaknesses, ensuring optimal preparation for the European screening process”.

It should be noted that the bilateral screening stage is essential in the EU accession process, as it helps identify the legislative issues that need to be aligned with the EU legislation. At this stage, WG 24 is focused on assessing the national legislation for alignment with the EU acquis and establishing an appropriate planning process.