European Agency FRONTEX stands by the MIA on the European path

During the working visit to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Minister for Internal Affairs Ana Revenco had an official meeting with the new Executive Director of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex), Commander of the Royal Military Police, Hans Leijtens.

The officials discussed topics related to the Moldova-EU dialogue in the field of internal affairs, in particular the contribution of Frontex officers to the border security of the Republic of Moldova. The need to intensify cooperation with EU Member States in the field of readmission was also mentioned, especially through the participation of the Republic of Moldova in joint missions under the aegis of Frontex, given that this is a recommendation of the European Commission.

In addition, the possibility of extending the joint teams for the surveillance of the eastern border was examined in order to increase security; in this regard the Republic of Moldova obtains the role of a guard of the European borders, thus becoming part of the European security ecosystem. Also, the opportunity to intensify cooperation on the development agenda was mentioned, by providing support and expertise in the implementation of European integration actions, i.e. the alignment with EU standards and acquis in the field of integrated border management.

The possibility of benefiting from Frontex best practices was also discussed, i.e. standard operating procedures, methodologies for different contingency plans, preparedness for interventions, as well as the assistance in the field of border security.

At the end, the Minister for Internal Affairs Ana Revenco expressed her openness to sign a working Agreement between the institutions on operational cooperation.