Enhancing regional security – one of the MIA’s objectives for 2023 in cooperation with Sweden

The Republic of Moldova is an important pillar in ensuring security at the EU’s external border and a reliable shield to prevent any form of threat and provocation in the Eastern region of the European community, given its status as a candidate country for EU membership. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova welcomes Sweden’s holding of the rotating presidency of the EU Council, which aims to increase security, resilience and prosperity through unity, in the context of the war in Ukraine and the crises it has generated.

Thus, the MIA’s development agenda for 2023 sets out several priorities for cooperation with Swedish partners and colleagues, who provide continuous support and expertise for the implementation of the Community Policing Concept, programmes in the field of fighting domestic and gender-based violence and other areas of common interest.

At the same time, Minister of Internal Affairs Ana Revenco has scheduled for the beginning of this year a bilateral meeting with her Swedish counterpart. During the meeting, the officials will discuss issues related to enhancing regional security and strengthening the response capacities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ subdivisions to cross-border crime, including by accelerating cooperation within the Hub for Internal Security and Border Management in Chisinau.

Currently, the MIA is supported by Sweden in the development of the IT system for the management of contravention cases within the project ‘Supporting the e-transformation of policing processes related to contravention cases’. The system is part of the digitization programme of the MIA, which will contribute to the security and resilience of the Republic of Moldova. It will enable enforcement officers to manage contravention cases more efficiently and promptly, as well as automate internal processes and procedures. At the same time, it will increase the quality of data produced as a result of the documentation of contravention cases and increase transparency.