Enhancing national capacities to combat cross-border crime: the role of the EU Security Hub

On Februarie 14, 2024, representatives from law enforcement agencies from Moldova and EU Member States gathered for a pivotal event aimed at bolstering national capacities to tackle cross-border crime. Emphasis was placed on leveraging the EU Security Hub platform to foster effective cooperation and collaboration on a European scale.

The event brought together security experts, government officials, and representatives from international organizations to discuss the complexities of combating cross-border crime – a pressing issue for security and stability in Europe. Key topics included addressing human trafficking, drug trafficking and terrorism.

Leveraging the EU Security Hub as a pivotal platform for sharing information and for coordinating efforts among Member States took center stage. This platform facilitates closer cooperation and real-time information exchange, crucial elements in the ongoing fight against cross-border crime.

Vladislav Cojuhari, Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, stressed the necessity of cross-border cooperation in confronting security threats. “Particularly through joint operational activities and the adoption of advanced technologies we will be able to ensure a rapid and effective response to cross-border crime”.

The event also featured workshops and training sessions geared towards enhancing national capacities in key areas such as intelligence analysis, cross-border investigations and use of cutting-edge technologies.