Eleven European countries will meet on the EU Support Hub platform in Chisinau

How do the dangers of terrorism, nuclear weapons contamination, cross-border crime manifest, how real these are, and how political and social destabilisation affects us? – these questions will be addressed on May 10th by European security experts during the 6th operational meeting of the European Union Support Hub in Chisinau.
The key security authorities from Germany, Sweden, Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, Austria, Croatia, Malta, Spain, Latvia, France, together with representatives of the EU agencies Frontex, Europol and Cepol will discuss in depth phenomena that cannot be neglected when it comes to the new European security architecture: from preventing disinformation and social radicalisation, securing and managing borders, to protecting critical infrastructure and public spaces; combating trafficking in arms and ammunition etc.
It should be recalled that the EU Support Hub in Chisinau has been launched just two months since the outbreak of the war in the neighbourhood. However, the platform becomes fully operational in 2023. Hub’s experts have already produced 7 analytical products under the Early Warning Notes category, addressed to the EU Member States.
The main objective of the EU Support Hub is to strengthen the status of the Republic of Moldova as a security provider and a reliable partner for the European Union.
The 6th operational meeting of the Hub will be held under the auspices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the context of the 73rd anniversary since the signing of the ’Schuman Declaration’. It is a document proposed by the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Robert Shuman, and signed on May 9th 1950, out of a desire to create a formula for European cooperation that would exclude war between the nations of the continent.