Crossing the state border at Leuseni-Albita is to be done on the ’one-stop’ principle

The Cabinet has approved the signing of an Agreement between the Governments of Republic of Moldova and Romania on coordinated control on the territory of Romania, at the Leuseni-Albita border crossing point on the direction of entering Romania.

The Agreement will help to accelerate and facilitate the crossing of the common border, through coordinated traffic control based on the ‘one stop’ principle, which will reduce the waiting time at border crossings, including for freight transport. At the same time, the implementation of the document will contribute to ensuring security at the Moldovan-Romanian border, an important segment of the European Union’s external border; ensuring national security by strengthening efforts to prevent and fight cross-border crime and, last but not least, will serve as a solution to unblock the logistical supply chain in the context of the crisis caused by the war in Ukraine.

The Agreement will be valid for a period of six months, after which its extension will be decided on the basis of a joint evaluation of the results of the control system. The extension will be done by diplomatic means. The application of the Agreement may be suspended temporarily, in whole or in part, by either Party for reasons of national security, public policy or public health.