Cross-Border Solidarity: achievements and prospects of the Joint Operational Programme Romania – Moldova 2014-2020

The final conference of the Joint Operational Programme Romania – Moldova 2014 – 2020 “Common Borders – Common Solutions” took place on March 14, 2024. The conference aimed to showcase the major achievements of the programme and foster the sharing of common solutions, experiences and inspirational stories, thereby bolstering relationships with partners on both sides of the Prut River.

In her address, the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Jana Costachi, expressed gratitude for the substantial contributions of Romanian partners to the cross-border projects implemented under the programme. She emphasized the programme’s pivotal role in fostering European unity and advancing prosperity and development through technical and financial assistance.

Within the Operational Programme, the Ministry of Internal Affairs successfully implemented three large infrastructure projects:

  • The SMURD-2 project involved the reconstruction and operationalization of 2 SMURD operating points, the construction of 4 landing platforms for SMURD helicopters, the procurement of 14 vehicles equipped with high-performance medical equipment for providing qualified first aid and transporting patients to the hospital, as well as for conducting rescue and extrication operations;
  • The THOR project involved construction and renovation of 10 police units in 5 police inspectorates, the construction of the headquarters of the National Investigation Inspectorate and the reconstruction of 4 Border Police units.
  • The COMINF project equipped 16 towers with communications and data transport equipment and rehabilitated the communications infrastructure in 10 police inspectorates across the country enhancing communication capabilities between Romanian and Moldovan law enforcement authorities.

“These projects have not only improved public services, but have also demonstrated a shared commitment to safeguarding citizens and their assets. They serve as evidence of cross-border solidarity and collaboration, highlighting the capacity to overcome challenges and forge together a safer and more prosperous future for all”, Ms. Costachi added.

During the event, staff from the internal affairs system distributed outreach materials about the projects, and during the panel discussions highlighted the activities carried out and the progress achieved throughout their implementation, with the aim of preparing the staff of the partner entities for the intervention missions for the benefit of citizens.

Through the Joint Operational Programme Romania – Moldova 2014-2020, citizens on both sides of the Prut River benefited from investments in medical, education and transportation infrastructure, as well as in the modernization of border crossing points at the border between Romania and the Republic of Moldova. The programme supported procurement of equipment, joint training, experience sharing, rehabilitation and modernisation of important infrastructure objectives.