Consolidation of relations between the Republic of Moldova and the French Republic in the field of internal affairs

The prospects of expanding cooperation on several levels of competence of the internal affairs system were discussed, today, with the Ambassador of the French Republic, His Excellency Paul Graham, France’s Liaison Officer Carole Lozac’h and Colonel Laurent Collorig, Internal Security Attaché of the French Embassy to Bucharest.

The meeting was chaired by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Adrian Efros.

In this case, the cooperation agenda and future perspectives were discussed in strengthening the capacities of the internal affairs system and strengthening services to protect citizens.

The officials mentioned the importance of cooperation between the two states in the management of critical situations, the strategic assessment of the regional security ecosystem, civil protection in emergency situations and the fight against organized crime. At the same time, the opportunity of joining the General Carabinieri Inspectorate as an observer to EUROGENDFOR, the exchange of practices between institutions, but also the coordination of missions in terms of ensuring, maintaining and restoring public order, was discussed.

In this regard, the Minister of Internal Affairs thanked for the support offered by the French state in the modernization of the MIA subdivisions and the professionalization of employees.

For its part, the French side reconfirmed its support in strengthening the capacities of the internal affairs system, including maintaining an active dialogue to mobilize the support of cooperation partners.