Consolidated efforts for the European integration of Moldova

Andrei Cecoltan, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, had a meeting with the members of the Working Group 24 “Justice, Freedom and Security”.

The members of the Working Group were briefed on the Instruction for preparing country presentations for bilateral screening meetings and received additional details and clarifications necessary for drafting the presentations from Ghenadie Marian, Head of the European Integration Office. The final presentations will undergo validation in the working meetings of the Government to ensure the effective implementation of strategic documents.

During the meeting, the Secretary of State emphasized the importance of joint efforts and close cooperation in preparing for the bilateral screening meeting for WG 24. He reiterated that European integration remains a national priority, which can be achieved only through coordinated and sustained efforts.

“We are committed to intensifying our efforts to achieve significant progress and make sure that our final presentations reflect our commitment to effectively implementing our strategies. Through coordination and determination, we are resolved to achieve our goals and strengthen our position in the European family”, stated Andrei Cecoltan.