Conclusions on the activity of the EU Security Hub for 2022

Dear partners, colleagues and friends,

On behalf of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova, we would like to share our congratulations with the occasion of the winter holidays.

Thank you for supporting us in creating and developing the EU Support Hub for border management and internal security, which is the right platform for streamlining the actionable data, bringing the needed resources together and improving the intelligence cycle.

Due to the knowledge shared during the Hub meetings, the investigative officers from several EU countries established contacts within the management of the EU Support Hub, which underlines the need to institutionalize it, with a team dedicated to operational cooperation.

Also, as the result of our joint activities, only in 6 months from its launch, we’ve succeeded to obtain:

  • the first EU Support HUB analytical report;
  • the approval of the first National Concept for focal point on firearms;
  • more than 12 dangerous criminals have been arrested;
  • 4 new investigations initiated;
  • more than 25% increase in data exchange between Moldova and Europol through SIENA channel;
  • there have been seized an important amount of drugs, munition and firearms;
  • the knowledge and bilateral contacts gained during these 4 meetings, have laid the foundations for cross-border operations, improved foresight and synergetic, strategic decision making processes. This is just the beginning and it’s only going to get better from here.

Happy holidays!