Common operational procedures in case of large seizures of goods taken out of civilian use are outlined on the EU Support Hub platform in Chisinau

The Ministry of Internal Affairs continues to cooperate with external partners on improving the security framework at regional and European level.

A working group meeting was held for the first time on the platform of the EU Support Hub in Chisinau, focusing on systemic approaches to large-scale seizures of goods removed from civilian use, including arms, drugs, etc. The meeting was attended by security experts from Germany, Latvia and Romania.

The experts have assessed the main challenges of the security ecosystem and outlined a set of common actions for the near future. Possibilities of launching an early warning mechanism at the level of EU Member States were discussed, by means of which the forensic examination of captured evidence could be carried out jointly with several States, in order to reduce costs and to administer evidence in a timely manner.

Our mission is to make Europe safer by detecting threats and providing solutions – together, at the right time, in the right place. We have discussed and identified together with colleagues different ways in which we can promptly involve various resources needed for the forensic work. The first priority at this stage is to identify the necessary and sufficient tools to set up the alert mechanism for large catches of goods taken out of civilian use’ said Vladislav Cojuhari, Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Response scenarios and proposals at operational, tactical and strategic levels will be finalised in the near future on the platform of the EU Support Hub in Chisinau.

The agenda of the Support Hub for 2023 includes the improvement of strategic analysis and forecasting capabilities in the field of security, by making use of information technologies and information exchange between experts from Moldova and the European Union.