Common front between the MIA of Moldova and the MIA of Lithuania against the threats of the hybrid war

Minister of the Internal Affairs Ana Revenco paid an official visit to Lithuania between December 22-23, where she met her counterpart Agne Bilotaite.

Officials discussed the challenges of hybrid war that both countries face, given that Lithuania is surrounded by Russia and Belarus, while Moldova has Transnistria on its left bank and borders the war.

Hybrid elements have increased in Moldova through massive disinformation campaigns against government decisions, testing the capabilities of police forces by multiple false bomb alerts, protests, energy blackmail.

Both ministers noted the courage of the Republic of Moldova and Lithuania in anticipating and blocking elements of the hybrid war aimed at manipulating and dividing society. Due to Moldova’s management of the refugee crisis, we have succeeded in convincing Europe that we are a provider of regional security, in this context launching the EU Security Hub in Chisinau.

At the same time, the Minister has asked Lithuania to be a mentor country for the internal affairs system so that it can be aligned more quickly and efficiently with the EU acquis and EU security standards.