Bilateral Meeting on Regional Security and Cooperation

The Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Vladislav Cojuhari, held a bilateral meeting with Mr. Philipp Agathonos, the diplomatic representative of the Security Policy Directorate of Austrian Federal Ministry of European and International Affairs, and Mr. Helmut Leopold, Head of the Centre for Digital Safety and Security of the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT).

Discussions centered on managing various crises amid hybrid threats to public order and safety. They also identified common areas and activities to ensure the sustainability of regional and European security.

During the meeting, Vladislav Cojuhari expressed gratitude for Austria’s support to Moldova’s European aspirations. He presented the progress made by the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), through the Information Technologies Service, in coordinating and organizing activities to implement state policies in ICT falling within the ministry’s jurisdiction. The officials discussed measures for managing registers and databases, exchanging data between the ministry’s information systems and resources and international organizations, and implementing technical cyber security measures.

Additionally, Vladislav Cojuhari spoke about the 7th operational meeting of the EU Security HUB, organized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in partnership with EUPM Moldova, which focused on countering hybrid threats and sharing best practices and effective ways to deal with hybrid threats, including based on the experience of the Republic of Moldova. The 8th EU Security HUB operational meeting also covered internal security, border management in Moldova, trends, and risks related drug trafficking in Europe, transnational crime and the rising demand for drugs.

He emphasized the need for equal involvement of all stakeholders with authorizing, inventory, management, reporting, prevention and control tasks in developing national critical infrastructure and delivery on the relevant commitments of the Republic of Moldova.

“Through strategic and operational cooperation, by intensifying the exchange of both qualitative and quantitative data, we strengthen the security shield for the European region”, the Mr. Cojuhari said.

The officials also discussed a potential exchange of experience between MIA staff and EUPM experts, to enhance joint action capabilities within the framework of the European Union Security HUB in the Republic of Moldova.