Bilateral cooperation talks between Moldova and North Carolina: priorities and partnerships for regional security

On March 18, 2024, Minister of Internal Affairs Adrian Efros and Ms. Elaine F. Marshall, Secretary of State in North Carolina, USA, engaged in discussions regarding bilateral cooperation between the Republic of Moldova and North Carolina.

The meeting was also attended by His Excellency Kent Logsdon, US Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova, and other senior officials.

The primary topics of discussion encompassed priorities and advancements in the EU accession negotiations, the security situation in Moldova and current challenges, as well as bilateral cooperation in the field of internal security and crisis management.

During the meeting, Minister Adrian Efros emphasized how important the support of the United States is in the electoral and judicial reform processes, as well as for the de-oligarchisation efforts in our country. He further stressed the need to enhance the country’s defense and security capabilities amidst prevailing challenges.

“This meeting is an important step in strengthening our partnership with North Carolina and promoting security and stability in the region. We deeply appreciate the support provided by the United States of America and remain committed to continuing to work together for the benefit of our citizens”, the Minister added.

The officials also considered arranging joint exercises and broadening partnerships in areas like public order and civil protection. Furthermore, they expressed commitment to sustaining bilateral dialogue and exploring new cooperation opportunities in the field of internal security and crisis management in order to promote security and stability in the region.