Advancing Moldovan-Japanese partnership in home affairs: Minister Efros meets Ambassador Yamada

Minister of Internal Affairs Adrian Efros met today, Februarie 20, 2024, with His Excellency Yamada Yoichiro, Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Moldova, to discuss enhancing bilateral cooperation and advancing the Moldovan-Japanese partnership in the field of home affairs.

During the meeting, the Minister of Internal Affairs expressed gratitude for Japan’s consistent support in addressing security threats and managing the refugee crisis. The official also stressed Japan’s substantial contribution to the modernization of police services, which has bolstered citizens’ security by facilitating prompt interventions in remote areas.

Minister Efros welcomed the deepening of Moldovan-Japanese relations in recent years and underlined the importance of strengthening the capacities of MIA staff in effectively managing the challenges faced by the Republic of Moldova.

“MIA reaffirms its commitment to strengthening the Moldovan-Japanese partnership in the field of internal affairs and extends gratitude for Japan’s ongoing support in promoting security and sustainable development in the Republic of Moldova,” said Adrian Efros.

The officials touched upon the joint projects between the two countries in infrastructure modernization and human security. Japan’s involvement in the Moldova Support Platform meeting, where financial support and assistance for various development projects were announced, was also noted.

Ambassador Yamada Yoichiro highlighted Japan’s sustained interest in supporting sustainable development projects in the Republic of Moldova. It is worth noting that the Ministry of Internal Affairs has received assistance from the Government of Japan through various cooperation projects, which have bolstered its capacity to respond to emerging threats to public security and supported the socio-economic inclusion of refugees and local communities.